Obas are Custodians of Culture and Traditions, Yoruba Youths knocks Oluwo Over Emir Title

Oluwo of Iwo , Oba Adewale Akanbi

The Yoruba Youth Socio-Cultural Association has come down heavily on the Oluwo of Iwo , Oba Adewale Akanbi, for allegedly adopting the title of an Emir and for wearing a turban instead of the Yoruba traditional cap or the crown.

The National Coordinator of the YYSA , Mr . Olalekan Hammed , in a telephone interview with our correspondent on Sunday , said the Oluwo ’s action could precipitate crisis in the future if not checked now .

The monarch has been dressing like an emir and wearing turban occasionally and he again wore the turban on Saturday when he installed Yakub Abdul -Baqi Mohammed as the Waziri of Yorubaland in his palace in Iwo .

He installed the Waziri contrary to the warning given to him by the League of Imams and Alfas in South -West , Edo and Delta states that he had no such right to confer an Islamic title which cut across the entire South -West on anybody .

The YYSA leader said , “If there is animosity among the Obas , he should work towards resolving it ; he cannot just take the title of an Emir. What he is doing now is contrary to the tradition and history of the throne he occupies . Oluwo is not an Islamic title , it is a cultural title .

“We have had a Christian as the Oluwo in the past ( from 1958 to 1982 ) . What if another Christian becomes Oluwo in the future ? Will he be allowed to change the title to that of evangelist or what or will he be referred to as an Emir of Iwo ? It is not proper . Even the Oluwo is not in the position to install anybody the Waziri of Yorubaland because it is an Islamic title . The League of Imams has that power .

“As the Oluwo of Iwo land , he his restricted to Iwo land . Obas are custodians of culture and traditions and Oluwo should behave like one . Wearing a turban is like importing the culture of some other people into Yorubaland. He should wear the crown or Yoruba cap . What he is doing is contrary to Yoruba culture and he should lay a good example for the youths .”

However , the Oluwo has denied adopting the title of an Emir contrary to media reports .

Speaking through his media aide, Mr . Ali Ibrahim, in a statement issued on Sunday , the Oluwo explained that he had never dropped the title of an Oba for an Emir.

The statement read , “Oluwo has never adopted the Emir title . He only said he could also be called an Emir by the Hausa and ardent Muslims . Oba Akanbi is an Oba for the nation with special attachment to the Yoruba . He promotes Yoruba culture to the admiration of many youths . Just because of Oluwo dress code today , many children are attracted to Yoruba culture of wearing the aso ofi .

“ I said so to integrate the Nigerian nation as an indivisible entity , all working tools are available for the integration and unity of our dear country . I ` ve visited the North several times, core Hausa hardly pronounce Yoruba words correctly. They called me emir when I am with them . Is there anything wrong in answering such? Even , the Hausa in Iwo here call me emir . Will I stop them from addressing me as such ? No, I am a father to the nation being a first – class paramount ruler .”



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