Man Accuse UCH Officials of Neglect, Resulting in Death of Young Graduate

A young man, one Enoch B. Godson has taken to the social media platform, Facebook to accuse medical officials of the Unversity College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan of neglect, lackadaisical attitude and shrieking of duties which resulted to the death of one Miss Oluwaseun Ezekiel, a graduate of the University of Lagos, who is awaiting the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, call up.

Godson whose facebook page and wall has 350,000 likes, and claimed on his page and wall to be a; sleek vocalist, record producer, guitarist, vocal coach, sound engineer and philanthropist; made the post and published it on March 19, 2018 in which he tagged Ezekiel Oluwa Seun at 09:42.

As at the time of writing, the post has garned of 700 reactions, from likes, to anger and saddness. With about 400 connents from friends expressing various degrees of opinion and emotion.

Godson stated that the victim died  at 7:20 pm on the 17th of March 2018, after, according to him, “Oluwaseun was rushed to the emergency department, calling for help at about 12:am with our dear Oluwaseun diagnosed with Cardiac failure.”

He narrated how, “it took 15 minutes to have a not-so-friendlylooking doctor amble to (sic) the car we brought her in just to see whether or not the case was an emergency.” In the ensuing melancholy and desperation, he said they were soon  asked to “pay for so many written things including an oxygen tube so that she could breathe”.

At the account section and on the cashier’s table they met another brickwall in an uncaring stone-heart cashier, who rather than attend to their emergency,  “told us in no uncertain terms that he would not attend to us until he has devoured his bowl of amala (biko, who eats amala at such an ungodly hour? But that’s by the way).”

Godson said he decided to take his case to the social media in other to expose the rot in the system and to express his grief which undoubtedly was cause by the nonchalant attitude of those entrusted with the responsibility of caring and saving human lives. He laments, “I write this from a place of inconsolable grief, sheer anguish, unimaginable pain, and the very zenith of fury having lost a dear one so cheaply and unjustifiably in a place that is erroneously believed to be safe but apparently needs saving itself, riddled with egomaniacal doctors with God complexes, nurses like witches, patients attendants who will not attend to you until you have called them a billion times, morticians who will milk you out of your very life savings just to get the remains ready for burial without caring that you were just bereaved,  almost everyone there just seemed inappropriate for their respective jobs – such a shambolic and toxic environment! I lost hope in Nigeria for a moment.

“We had to scream for help then a senior nurse came and spoke some sense into the glutton who reluctantly attended to us after he heard that the patient was dying. Then again we overheard a nurse say “I hope these ones are here with much money, otherwise they shouldn’t even bother.

” Eventually, Oluwaseun was checked into the resuscitation unit and trust me, that place reeked of death. A resuscitation center that had only one functional ECG monitor to serve four dying patients, no even a single defibrillator, stuffy as hell, very mean nurses; one of whom even threatened to check out any patient whose relatives were not cooperative, two malfunctioning air conditioning systems while every last office there had working ones, it was generally a place prepared to make patients sweat their very weak pulses out. It should rather be called a euthanasia ward.

“How patients were objectified was absolutely distressing. One would have that euphoric shimmer of hope when a team of smug doctors strolls in like demigods only to realise that they came to learn with the patients rather than care for them. What is the point of acquiring redundant knowledge?

“These people are more used to deaths than saving people. Oh Goodness Gracious!!!  I thought their Hippocratic Oath should mean something or are they just murderers with licence? When you kill someone with your inaction, apathy and negligence are you not complicit?

“This grieves my soul and won’t stop replaying in my head. I held her, watched her breathe her last, crashing; with pain written all over her face. We screamed for help but they were rather concerned with quietening us than reviving Oluwaseun. They managed to get to her, gave her a few chest compressions in a futile CPR charade, chatting and laughing while at it, and then pronounced her dead JUST LIKE THAT.

“We had waited and waited for the cardiologist who neither showed up nor called for her to be relocated to the cardiology unit until she gave up at 7:20 pm on the 17th of march 2018.

“This is a fresh brilliant UniLag graduate due for NYSC in a few weeks, someone’s beloved daughter, beautiful sister and wonderful friend; someone’s decades of physical, psychological and financial investment left for dead in a Nigerian foremost health centre.”

Godson hope by taking his case public, he could get some degree of denoument, while extolling the virtue of Oluwaseun Ezekiel and expressing how much she will be missed, he concluded, “we love you. Even though you were a victim of inept doctors and failed health policies, you forever will be in our hearts.

” I write this hoping to find some closure by laying it all bare, peradventure it would get to relevant authorities who will amend and enforce the standard operating procedures of this helluva health facility, but unfortunately; Oluwaseun you will still be greatly missed. Rest on in the arms of the Lord.”

Several of his virtual friends besieged his wall to express grieve, dissapointment and outright rage. One of them, Jemine Ojigbih writes, “Wow..I honestly can relate to every word on this story. I was also a victim of UCH ibadan…it was by God’s grace I am alive today. Every word said here is so damn true..the attitude of the auxiliary nurses, nurses and doctors is very shameful. It took my mum who be the way is a veteran nurse to literally drag me out of the hospital because she knew I was going to die if I spend a second longer.

“The hospital management came threatening that once my mum takes me out, it means I can never come back for any medical treatment..the look in there eyes was more of “so you would not allow us use your son as lab rat to teach our young doctors” . No empathy of seeing a mother dragging her son out of the hospital. It’s just sad..Thank God I am alive and well today. My story would have been no different from this young lady’s. RIP SEUN.”

Another comment by Chukwuma Nkem Nnaemka, a medical doctor, had a different perspective, looking at the issue from government neglect of the health sector and officials. He wrote, “Our health care system is in shambles, The so called doctors the writer is referring to are being owed about 3 months salary remember he has families to feed both extended and nuclear families, he will cater for their needs and health care, remember he is also human despite being a doctor.

“This has led to much frustration in the health sector, we doctors and other health care professionals are relegated and our problems not recognized but even at that we still do our best because of the call to humanity to save lives.

“You might think UCH is bad but That is one of the best if not the best you can get in Nigeria. I am so sorry Mr. Writer but God knows best. Rest on Oluwaseun.” he conluded by hashtag:#DoctorsSaveLives#SaveNigerianDoctors.

One commenter who goes by the name Olag Awosika, cried, “I can’t ignore this, but have to bare my mind. The dilapidated state of our hospitals in terms of the service and personnel is an abomination! I lost my  nephew due to negligence of the licenced killers we call Doctors in a hospital in Ado Ekiti.

” I don’t blame the Doctors though; I blame our wicked selfish leaders that have eaten deep into the very essence of our humanity. We are lost and we are incapable of feeling for others. I weep for Nigeria!!!”.

Caleb Amotsuka submits, “While this breaks my heart, such things will continue to happen to us if we do not stand up and fix our country. A lot of people here are disgusted with Nigeria; I am as well but if our disgust does not move us to take positive action to solve these problems, it’s only a matter of time before it happens to someone close to us.

“Building our nation is hard but simple, Good governance, Exemplary leadership and Values reorientation will put Nigeria on a track we will all be proud of. We might not solve the problem overnight but we can get on the right track and keep moving in the right direction.

“I’m sorry for your loss and I’m sorry to talk about this in such a tragic moment but the truth must be told. 2019 is here. Get your PVC and vote only good people into Office; people with a track record of selfless service to the nation.”

Lastly, another friend, Mary Bose Adesite said, “Why do we look the other way when senators are earning 28million naira a month & doctors & other health workers are paid stipends.  We must insist on a better welfare package for them for our sake. The health workers are discouraged and motivation is almost nil. We do not recognize or respect them. In the 60s- 80s  doctors were demi-gods! Now only criminals are recognized & celebrated. Please pray for divine health. May Oluwasejn’s  soul RIP”



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