About Us


BUSINESS ONDO STATE is a Conceptualized monthly International Magazine, distributed largely among elites and key business decision makers. The Publication is designed to focus principally on the economy and potential business opportunities in Ondo State.

This also incorporates clear-cut analysis and interpretation of the State government’s economic policies, and activities, private enterprises among others.

Untapped natural resources, arable land for mechanized farming, tourist and cultural centres and such others is well covered and presented to our readers with the view to calling their attention to Ondo State. Youth and Women activities in the State are equally not denied adequate coverage in BUSINESS ONDO STATE International Magazine.

The online version: www.businessondo.com is live before you; even as the print-copy version hits the market.

The E-book version is shared on social media platforms.

We are poised to supporting the drive at attracting key investors and entrepreneurs to Ondo State for strategic direct investment.


Monthly distribution of BUSINESS ONDO STATE International Magazine is circulated as follows:

  • Inbound flights to Akure from Lagos.
  • Inbound flights to Akure from Abuja.
  • Selected but major foreign flights
  • Major Hotels in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt
  • Major Chamber of commerce and Industry offices
  • Major professional institutions’ offices – ICAN, CIBN etc
  • Major Business school libraries.
  • Major business decision makers in Nigeria which include *CEOs of major corporations. These corporations include financial institutions, manufacturing companies, capital market operators, regulators, fund managers and pension funds administrators among others.
  • High net-worth individuals and private business owners.
  • Investors and facilitators of businesses.
  • Ondo State indigenes in business outside of the state
  • Ondo State indigenes in major government establishments outside of the State.
  • Top military officials
  • Top civil servants outside of Ondo State.

Our website is designed to reach out to foreign investors and Nigerians as well as Ondo State indigenes in Diasporas.


We introduce to you Ondo State Business Directory on www.businessondo.com, a web portal designed to promote business in Ondo State.

The directory is equally available as a downloadable Android application on Google Play Store.

A section available on the app and portal for companies to be listed in menus includes:

  1. Auto-mart
  • Vehicle sales outlets
  • Motorcycles sales outlet
  • Transport companies
  1. Fashion-Mart
  • Boutiques
  •  Fashion Designers
  •  Makeup and Beauty Shops
  • Event planners
  •  Dry Cleaners
  1. Real Estate
  • Land for sale
  • Properties for sales
  • For rent
  1. Hospitality and Tourism
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  •  Guesthouses
  • Resorts
  1. Pharmaceuticals & Shopping Malls
  • Pharmacies
  • Medicine stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  1. Restaurant, Bakers & Confectioneries
  • Eatery
  •  Restaurants
  •  Bakeries
  •  Bakers
  1. Constructions &Building
  2. Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
  •  Pharmaceuticals Companies
  •  Aluminum Manufacturers
  • Roofing Sheets
  •  Furniture Makers
  •  Machine Fabricators
  1. Hospital & Clinics with specialties
  2. 10. Gas plants & Filling stations
  3. Banks, Insurance & Microfinance
  4. Schools;
  • Nursery & Primary
  • Secondary
  •  Colleges & Institutes
  • University & Polytechnics
  1. 13. Law Chambers

Business Directory is wholly Ondo-state-business-focused, but with universal appeal and access. This basically puts listed companies on a global map and making them accessible anywhere on the globe.

The web portal and App will sell businesses beyond Ondo state to the outside world; clients, buyers, and suppliers from within and outside Ondo state will now have access to listed firms and will be able to easily contact, locate and access them.

Listed company’s presence among other firms in the same industry would also aid as credit assessment and verification for buyers, clients, business partners and credit guarantors.

Services to be offered include:

  1. Real-time display of products and services pictures and allied accessories
  2. Constant updates on products and services.
  3. Synchronization of company’s website (if any) with social media accounts with links from company’s page on www.businessondo.com and app etc
  4. Website design for firms who have not and are desirous of having one.



Stockswatch our mother publication is Nigeria’s frontline business newspaper and the nation’s most formidable voice on capital market activities, analysis, and product marketing. The seventeen-year-old nationally circulated newspaper, before the crash of the Stock market in 2008 has the record of being the highest selling business newspaper ever. Till date Stockswatch remains the toast of Capital Market Operators, Fund Managers, and Investors in varied categories.


  • Major Capital Market Operators in Nigeria
  • Top Executives of all quoted and listed companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange which includes financial institutions, manufacturing concerns, et al.
  • High Net-worth Investors
  • Top Fund Managers
  • Angel Investors
  • Entrepreneurs, etc.




Our Ondo State office is situated on the 2nd floor, 74, Hospital Rd., Continental Junction, Akure.

Phone: 0809-775-7777, 0708-402-9025

Email: obastocks@gmail.com