2018 Mothers Day. Catholic Priest Extols the Role of Women in the Society

...says, mothers are precious gift from God

CWO members dancing during thanksgiving at the Mass

By : David Fidelis
As Catholic faithful celebrate Mother’s Day, the Parish Priest of the Mary Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Osa Community, Ijoka, Akure, Rev. Father Raphael Adesulu has extol the virtues of women in societal growth and development,while stressing that women are more or less a mirror to everyone in the society.
Father Adesulu gave the appraisal today during a Mass to mark the 2018 Mother’s Day.
The Parish Priest who noted that women can sacrifice anything because of the love they have for their family, advised them to continually be the back bone of their husbands, and as well, take good care of their children and families.

Rev. Fr. Raphael Adesulu

Father Adesulu challenged women to live the life of purity, endurance, kindness and humility as exemplified by the Blessed Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ.
The Priest who denounced domestic violence in several homes, described men who beat and Maltreat their wives as having animalistic behavior, while urging Nigerians to acknowledge the special place of women in the society and accord them the desired respect.
Fr. Adesulu in his sermon noted that Mary showed an example of joy, happiness, endurance and kindness, imploring mothers to imitate her virtues; adding that no matter how bad a mother could be, she should be accorded the necessary respect as God has placed her in a position of motherhood.
The priest quoted the book of Prov. 31:29 to buttress his points that mothers are precious gift from God .
” Mothers are precious gift from God. They are more concerned with the needs of others than their own needs. They put their family first, they put those in need second, and themselves last “.
According to him, those who disregard their mothers on account of witchcraft or other societal vices should have a rethink and assist in rehabilitating then.

Delivering her speech, at a reception to mark the Day, the Church President of Catholic Women Organization, CWO, Mrs. Caroline Anayochukwu Nnamdi said the essence of the Day is to remember the suffering of mothers, show love to mothers, celebrate motherhood and praised those who had contributed to the growth of the organization in the Parish.

She noted that as part of activities to mark the 2018 Mother’s Day celebration, Football competition and Lecture were organized by the CWO of the church.
Mrs. Anayochukwu described a good mother as a woman who is caring, loving, patience, reserved persevere, gracious, intelligent and faithful to her husband, her family and God.
The CWO president advised good women to continually maintain tender-hearts, overflowing with love and kindness adding that they must think tenderly, speak tenderly and act tenderly in order to see the faithfulness of God.

Highlight of the event include lecture presentation, dancing competition, jokes, choir ministration, cake cutting among other.


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